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Ductman is a local journeyman with over 30 years of experience in residential, commercial, and industrial HVAC services. Proudly servicing the Okanagan area. From Salmon Arm to Vernon to Kelowna and everywhere in between, he’s got it covered. 

As one of the “little guys”, you will have consistent service from quote to repair and installation. No talking to one person for a quote just to have someone else do the work.

Have an emergency heating or cooling issue? Ductman will be there when you call.

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We offer quality work at affordable prices, and we’ll schedule you in as soon as possible!

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Air Conditioning repair vernon

Air Conditioning Repair

Heating up inside in the Okanagan summer and don't know why? There are so many things that can indicate that something is not right with your cooling system. If you have an air conditioner that fails to switch on and stay on, leaks persistently or that makes odd sounds, or has questionable air flow. Our experienced team members can help you get through all air conditioning problems. We mean it when we tell our customers that there are no air conditioning concerns that are too complex for our HVAC team.

air conditioning installation vernon

Air Conditioning Installation

Hiring our professional technicians to install a new air conditioning system can be an easy and cost efficient choice for many reasons. Our HVAC professionals will handle all sizing, measuring and installation tasks for you. Investing in a new air conditioning unit will also reduce your cooling costs during the hot Okanagan summers. Our team knows all of the most dependable cooling unit installation practices out there. If you want to install your cooling unit in a safe and secure way, then book your quote today.

Gas furnace installation vernon

Gas Furnace Installation

Old inefficient furnace got you down? Ask us today about current government and manufacture's rebates that may be available. Have our professionals choose the right size furnace for your lifestyle and budget. Investing in a new high efficient furnace can save you money over time and will increase your overall comfort. Call us today to pick out the right furnace for you.

gas furnace repair vernon

Gas Furnace Repair

Don't be left in the cold when your furnace acts up. Have our HVAC experts diagnose and fix the problems that are keeping you in the cold. Our professionals have the tools and experience to repair new high efficient furnaces and older models. Call us today for all your furnace needs.

hvac maintenance vernon

HVAC Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your furnace and air conditioning unit not only prolongs the life or your unit but will also keep it running at its highest efficiency and less prone to breaking down. Call us today to schedule a regular maintenance package. Have our HVAC professionals take care of your heating and cooling needs so you are never left uncomfortably hot or cold.

Duct work services vernon

Duct Work Services

Whether it's turning a garage to a bedroom or your new dream house our HVAC professionals are up to the task. We are experienced in residential, commercial and industrial installations. New construction or renovations you can count on our team. Call today for your free estimate.

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